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A woman successfully claimed against McDonalds for *personal injuries due to extensive burns she received to her legs, groin and private parts. The woman explained to the Judge that she was handed an americano coffee at a McDonalds drive through and the lid had not been properly secured to the cup causing her to scald herself. The woman was treated with gel in the restaurant and later attended hospital. The woman required six hospital visits and was required to wear nappy type dressing for the wounds.

The woman described how she was in excruciating pain for at least six weeks after the accident and was unable to have intimate relations with her partner for almost eight months.

The judge accepted that Mc Donald’s training policy had been breached in that they had not provided the coffee in a cup carrier. This tipped the decision in the claimants favour. While it was a difficult case to value the Judge felt given the high degree of indignity and the stressful and painful nature of the injuries an appropriate award of damages was €30,000 together with the woman’s legal costs.