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In recent news it was announced that the ban on the use of transvaginal mesh devices has been extended to Northern Ireland. The ban on the use of these devises was already in place the England. An investigation carried out in England revealed that since 2008 Surgeons have performed at least 500 removals of these implants. These implants have been used to treat common complications of childbirth and pregnancy. The device is classified as high risk in the USA.

Vaginal mesh implants  have been widely used across Europe and in the USA since the early 2000s, when they started to be favoured over traditional open-surgery procedures. The traditional surgery took longer to perform, longer recovery and had its own range of complications. The most common kind of vaginal mesh procedure is called a TVT implant. Typically it takes 30 minutes to perform using keyhole surgery. It is generally a day procedure and the success rate is high for resolving incontinence.

In many cases women reported that they were told the chances of complications were rare and the potential risks were never explained. All over the world women have been left in agonising pain after this mesh has been inserted. Most commonly the vaginal mesh was used to treat incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse in women. However we now know that it has resulted in countless women being left with permanent and severe pelvic and vaginal pain, nerve damage, inability to walk, work or have sex. Shockingly the use of these devises has not yet been suspended in Ireland.

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