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Yet another scandal has hit the HSE. The current scandal relates to almost 50 children affected by failures in Paediatric Audiology service provided by an audiologist who worked in the Mayo/Roscommon area.

The HSE carried out a review of services between April 2011 and February 2015.  The results of the audit showed that 49 children have been found to be affected. Thirteen children were re-referred into the service following concerns and identified as having a hearing loss.
Sixteen children with hearing aids received hearing aid management that was not in accordance with recommended practice. Twenty children who were recalled and retested were identified with a new hearing loss. The HSE apologised today for its failings. The HSE said “Our priority now is to bring the outcome of the audit to the attention of the parents involved. We want to provide them an opportunity to have any questions they might have answered,”

A delay in identifying hearing loss, or the ineffective management of hearing aids, can cause children problems with their speech and language development, behaviour. It can also affect children’s academic ability and social skills.

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